2017 Artists



TRAV is a Los Angeles based artist who has made a name for himself painting graffiti on trains and buildings throughout the United States. He is an active member of THE SEVENTH LETTER and MAD SOCIETY KINGS artist collective. His work pays homage to mid century signs and sign culture as he is exploring the idea of business and craftsmanship being pushed out by technology as society moves forward.

TRAV reinvents mid century signs with intricate line work, complex layering, and a powerful range of color, Incorporating elements of Fine Art and graffiti into his varied compositions. TRAV heavily believes one should live life on their own terms and not wait for permission to get your ideas out into the world. He also uses the same technology that is changing society to push his ideas to a broader audience. He exhibits in galleries internationally. His work stands somewhere between fine art and graffiti, and has moved beyond the sphere of traditional graffiti to occupy a more permanent legacy.