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Sol Collective

Sol Collective

About Sol Collective:

Established in 2005, Sol Collective is a community-based partnership whose mission is to provide artistic, cultural, and educational programming, promote social justice, and empower youth through art, activism, music, and media experience.Sol Collective works to team young creatives with professional mentors across artistic disciplines, mobilize the arts as a means of community building and personal empowerment, and amplify the voice of underrepresented communities. The Sol Collective Arts and Cultural Center is a 3,200 square foot space in Sacramento providing art exhibitions, community workshops, youth programming, and a platform for public organizing.

2 Hermano:

2 Hermano is a Sol Collective artist and a featured artists for Wide Open Walls. His approach to image-making negotiates a balance between the spiritual and physical worlds. Drawing inspiration from pre-Hispanic concepts and other indigenous and spiritual traditions of his northern Mexican lineage, 2 Hermano creates with strokes that leave traces of primitive memory which bridge interchangeably, yesterday with today, joining the recent with the past, the cosmogenic with the idealistic. His creations are a labyrinth of shapes and colors that reflect our unity with the cosmos. The imagery awakens dormant memories and numb feelings through its subliminal context. 2 Hermano’s art integrates many styles and synthesizes them into an artistic expression that comes from the deepest sentiments of the American continent.