2017 Artists

Christina Angelina

Venice, USA

Christina Angelina is a prolific, internationally renowned artist who was born, raised and is now based in Venice, California. Her interactive process engages and forms lasting relationships with locals, which she then channels into a finalized piece. A thirst for adventure keeps her on the road, traveling and working.

Deciding to be unconstrained by the rules and spatial limits of a gallery, Angelina typically paints her figurative portraits on large-scale outdoor walls. The artist is known for her detailed, realistic murals that often depict female figures and explore the duality between strength and vulnerability and the power associated with both. In line with the site specific nature of street art, Angelina paints in settings and for communities that inspire her.

While her highly sought-after work has beautified urban landscapes, it's also strengthened surroundings for the following clients: Nike, Nylon Magazine, Microsoft, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, CAA, Heineken, Neiman Marcus and Christian Louboutin.