2018 Artists

Phillip Altstatt

Sacramento , CA

Phillip is a Sacramento native with international exposure.

Inspired by the bigness of the world and the even bigger depths of imagination, his focus is to draw attention to the magic that lies beneath the ordinary. A colleague once coined Phillip’s work as a “re-enchantment of the everyday”. There is a dreamy quality that emerges from the work. The abstraction in his art is not visual as much as conceptual; in other words, he uses abstract ideas to encourage viewers to consider the mystery behind the objects and places that they would otherwise take for granted. Discovering poetry in the world brings more personal joy to Phillip than writing his own.

In 2016, Phillip and his wife, Amy, sold their worldlypossessions and decided to travel. Since that day, he has been featured in an international publication for his sculptural work and has taken on multiple mural projects overseas.